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About Us


We are Sleeping Giants Community Development CIC (or Sleeping Giants for short), a community-focussed training and capacity building social enterprise based in Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland. We are renowned for our creative, dynamic and innovative approaches, as well as for the impacts we have on individuals and communities, not least those who are often deemed ‘difficult’ to engage.


Sleeping Giants was founded in 2017 after running successfully as a partnership business since 2014.  Our Board of Directors have passion, expertise and many years’ experience in delivering high quality work in relation to children and young people; adults and older people; communities; health; and equality and diversity.


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Vision & Mission

Sleeping Giants visions a world where all people have a good chances in life, good wellbeing, and a sense of purpose and belonging within communities which value, include and respect them.

To make this vision a reality, our overall mission is to create change and make a positive difference to people’s lives, particularly those who are most marginalised and vulnerable.

Our way of achieving this is:

  • to provide community development and capacity building activities direct to people within the community
  • to build the capacity, consciousness and expertise of community groups and organisations, so they might better respond to the needs of individuals and communities


Values & Principles

At the heart of Sleeping Giants’ work is a strong value base and a commitment to quality, and as such strive to ensure that our work:

  • inspires, motivates and empowers people of all ages, communities and those who work with them
  • is ethical, keeping people and communities as our focus
  • promotes acceptance, equality, social justice, and understanding of others
  • improves practice, and creates change
  • is eco-conscious and future thinking
  • develops employment opportunities where possible, stimulating the local economy and increasing social capacity
  • awakens and develops potential in people and communities, building on their existing assets
  • is fun and engaging

Our Board of Directors


Executive Managing Director: Grace Cardozo

Our Executive Managing Director is Grace Cardozo, who is nationally renowned around equality and diversity, winning a coveted National Diversity Award for her work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people, adults and older people.  Grace also has significant experience in working with the third and public sectors, not least around staff and project management, fundraising, planning and self-evaluation, consultancy and interagency work, and is particularly admired for her engaging, effective and interactive training style.   She also serves as a Non-Executive Director NHS D&G and is a voting member on the Joint Board for the integration of health and social care. 


On our Board of Directors, are our extremely experienced Non-Executive Directors who provide scrutiny to our work; help us set our strategic direction, determine pay and conditions for our Executive Directors; are equally responsible for all aspects of governance and in general offer guidance, expertise and support.


Chair: Penny Halliday

Penny Halliday is Chair of our Board. She was an FE lecturer with Dumfries and Galloway College for 18 years and then moved to community development for 10 years setting up local and national support for kinship carers as well as families affected by drugs, for which she won several awards. Penny has served as a Non-Executive Member of the Board of NHS Dumfries and Galloway for over 8 years where she is currently Vice Chair as well as Vice Chair of the Integrated Joint Board – the body set up to oversee the integration of local health and social care services within the Region.

Treasurer:  Linzi Fryer-Sim

Linzi Fryer-Sim is our Treasurer and is a highly respected senior figure within the children’s care sector in England, where she has had leading roles within several high quality providers of residential child care, education and associated provisions that offers bespoke, specialist services to local authorities in England.  Linzi has many years’ experience in the residential child-care sector, and prior experience in the youth work sector, including within Dumfries and Galloway. Linzi was also named national winner in the 2019 Great British Care Awards for making an Outstanding Contribution to Social Care.

Secretary: Rebecca Giblin

Rebecca Giblin is our Secretary and was appointed to the Board in February 2019. She is an experienced arts administrator and marketing and comms specialist. Since moving to Dumfries and Galloway in 2013, she has worked with and volunteered at several festivals and arts organisations in the region, including Wigtown Book Festival, Spring Fling, Sanctuary, Scotland Sings and the Creetown Initiative. She brings fundraising, marketing and events management experience to the board, as well as a calm approach to problem solving and relationship management.



Our Associates and Wider Team

As well as employing a small number of paid staff (wishing to complement, rather than compete), we strive to build productive and mutually beneficial relationships with other local providers and entrepreneurs, from which we have developed a bank of trusted associates and partner organisations who share our values, are reliable and can deliver work to our high standards. We also believe in a ‘growing our own’ and aspire to provide high quality (accredited) volunteering, training and apprenticeship opportunities as part of specific projects we deliver, which both support the economic sustainability of our local area and at the same time builds the capacity of our own organisation.

NB:   We will work to ensure client confidentiality and safety at all times, and will fulfill both best practice guidelines and legal obligations with regards to all aspects of Health & Safety and Data Protection of our clients and their service users.